Cupping Therapy-Procedure And Science

Cupping therapy has been around for decades. It is an ancient Chinese practice used to reduce muscle tension, speedy recovery of sports injuries and a general feeling of refreshment. Most of the people consider cupping therapy a painful form of massages with red and purple spots on your back. However, its benefits are far more and important than what it seems.

What is cupping therapy?

Below is the step by step for the new users of cupping therapy.

  1. The device used in the therapy will be a cup made of glass or silicon.
  2. A professionally trained and certified practitioner will place the cup on your major muscle groups.
  3. The placement of cup will create suction, and the blood flow will be increased in that skin area.
  4. The cup will be kept in the same place for 10 minutes or more (it is known as stagnant cupping).
  5. A client explained cupping therapy as “it is like a deep-tissue massage but in inverse.”
  6. The other type of cupping will be dynamic cupping in which the technician will keep moving the cups to different skin parts.
  7. The constant movement of cups will bring it towards the lymphatic system (which is responsible for the removal of wastes from the body).
  8. Dynamic Cupping is preferred over stagnant cupping.
  9. The feeling of cups suction on the skin is not painful at all but a little uncomfortable for a few people.
  10. A client explained that the most tension filled areas on my back had an intense pinching sensation, but it was gone with relief as soon as the cup was move.

The Science behind Cupping Therapy

The toxins in our body play a major role in our health and even in our mood stability. Higher amounts of toxins in our body cause lower mood. Hence, yoga, exercises, cupping and massages all are methods to remove toxins from our body.

The method which allowed the toxins to move out of the body during cupping works as the cups make the muscle tissues stretch and open and then toxins are drained out of the cells in human body. The toxins will move out of the cell to the lymphatic system. As the human body is perfectly self-maintaining and the lymphatic system does the detoxification all by itself, however, cupping therapy is the process of boosting up the detoxification process.

The toxins mentioned above are found everywhere in our environment, in our foods and the chemicals used in our daily diets. Some of the toxins are water soluble, and others are fat-soluble, if the toxins are water soluble, they will be out of your body through urine within 24 to 48 hours. However, if the toxins are fat soluble they will stay around your fat cells in your body, and they will definitely need a boost to get out of your system, hence the cupping.

Cupping therapy has been studied widely due to its benefits, and it has been found out that it is linked with reduction of short-term pain.